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The Nationwide Resilience Project

The goal of this holistic project is to construct profitable, resilient, self-sustaining communities that can withstand the devastating effects of natural and man-made disasters while being regarded as some of the safest places to live and visit in the world.   

We hope you will share in our dream to leave a legacy for future generations where safety, security, and resilience becomes the new kind of ‘Smart’ City; an example for the world to emulate. 

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The SafetyFirst SecurityPod System™ Program

The SafetyFirst SecurityPod System provides a shelter in any storm, whether natural or man-made as it’s multi-functionality and design-build parameters are focused on safety, security, and durability.  Each system is custom built with flexibility in mind, and constructed using the patented Quad-Lock® system (provided by ICF and More, LLC) making it virtually indestructible.  

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The Pre-Disaster Inspection Program

Designed by industry experts with over 200 years combined experience in disaster management, real estate, property management, development, construction, project management, and much more. We help you reduce recovery costs and guide you to a more self-sustaining, resilient future.


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The Scissortail Program


MRS LLC and ICF and More LLC partner to bring resilient, disaster-resistant solutions to communities across the nation. As more stories appear on our morning news channels about extreme weather, drivers colliding into homes, earthquakes, and more, we can no longer ignore continuing devastation. 

We hope you will join us on our path to leaving a legacy for future generations by bringing a new level of resilient, renewable, self-sustaining solutions to our homes, businesses, and communities.

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Poseidon Flood Prevention Plan®


The Poseidon Flood Prevention Plan® is designed specifically for commercial businesses across multiple industry platforms, and for critical infrastructure across a broad platform (i.e. roads, water treatment plants, power plants, cell towers, etc.) to negate any ill effects from a flooding event.

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Project Management


 Project Management, Project controls, Forensics Schedule Analysis,  Recovery Schedules, Tender Schedules, Schedule Analysis and Validity,  Forenics After Project close out, Claims Avoidance, Claim and Time  Impact Analysis, Claim Preparation, Training, and Representation of  Owners and Developers. 

Research and Development


The Fond Development Group's   concentration encompasses a principled framework of product design and applicability, materials science, technology-enhanced civil infrastructure solutions, as well as natural and man-made disaster mitigation. Each product is designed specifically for multiple industry functionality, market viability, and nationwide resilience.    

Cyber Security Consulting


Defend your organization from cyber threats and build fundamental and advanced implementation strategies to ensure the safety and security of your passwords, computer systems, employees, clients, proprietary information, and more.

Emergency Mangement Consulting


An "all-hazards" framework combined with years of boots-on-the-ground experience designed specifically to fit your business needs in preparing for, mitigating against, responding to, and recovering from any natural or man- made event, as well as the implementation of structured resilience practices that benefit the client's industry.

FEMA Grant Management


 Our  company has over 40 years combined experience in Disaster Management  and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant preparation and  management.   Our experience spans both Emergency and Permanent work  projects due to federally declared disasters, and the related federal  grants from FEMA.  We will help you recoup and retain your FEMA eligible  disaster response funds and still maintain your normal business  procedures. 

Grant Management


Our services are designed to support project management and direct administrative activities to whatever level you require. We will provide all of the following emergency management and grant management activities for every type of disaster, and much more:

· Preliminary Damage Assessments for federal declarations
· Damaged facility assessments for public safety hazards (structural, electrical, etc.)
· Knowledgeable representation for FEMA/ State Disaster Kick-Off Meetings
· FEMA/ State liaison for disaster projects
· FEMA policy consulting from experienced professionals
· Disaster debris contracts procurement
· Disaster debris contract management
· Disaster debris contracts monitoring
· Contract documentation records management  
· Force account work records management
· Direct Administration of FEMA grants
· Accounting services for emergency and permanent work FEMA grants
· Project Worksheet formulation for FEMA grants
· Professional estimating services for FEMA grants
· Project Worksheet development for FEMA grants
· Repair versus replacement analysis for damaged facilities
· Construction project management
· FEMA appeal letters (first and second)
· Alternate, Improved and relocation project requests
· Project Worksheet close-outs   

**Similar services are available for the state managed Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) (CFR section 404) funded through the FEMA Mitigation Division.    

MRS provides a holistic approach to disaster project management services. You can rest assured we will represent your company professionally, and that our staff will work within the confines of all federal laws and policies with no fear of jeopardized funding from state or federal government audits. From Kick-off to Close-Out, we will manage your disaster recovery efforts so you can get back to business as usual.    

Please contact Mr. A. Lewis Howard, Grant Management Director, at 337-287-2549 for more information.