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New Inventions Announcement: The Livable Levee System™


The intended purpose of The Livable Levee System is to create a union of functionality and resiliency, utilizing a combination of green engineering technologies, existing materials and products that exceed energy-efficient standards, and self-sustaining design principles. These principles present a platform to address green engineering technologies that increase economic growth and decrease reinvestment over the entire life cycle while improving quality by redeveloping a new ‘status quo’ within the industry. The multi-faceted design of the system will mitigate against natural and man-made hazards, provide commercial space and residential housing, as well as incorporate building standards that turn the entire structure into a “safe room.” This system was designed to meet or exceed energy-efficient standards and integrates existing materials and products already approved for use nationally and internationally to create a holistic, renewable energy system that will deliver significant ROI within a Public-Private Partnership (P3).

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100% Self-Sustaining, Renewable, Off-The-Grid:  Hotel, Commercial Office Complex, and Grocery Store 

New Programs Announcement

The Nationwide Resilience Project™

The Pre-Disaster Inspection Program

The SafetyFirst SecurityPod Program

The Nationwide Resilience Project™ on Biteable

Leaving A Legacy for Future Generations.

MRS Announcements

Witt Global Partners


MRS LLC  joined with Witt Global Partners in 2018 to deliver state-of-the-art, self-sustaining resilience projects and disaster-resistant inventions that provide solutions to many of today’s most horrific crises. Our combined products and services, as well as our Executive Leadership Teams, are here to serve our communities with over 150 years combined experience. We will stand by you in any situation and bring you the solutions you need to make your schools, businesses, and infrastructure the safest, most secure, and resilient structures, now and for the foreseeable future.

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About Us

The MRS Team

We have over 50 years experience in emergency management, disaster management, grant management, project management, estimating, and more.

We believe in and follow Stephen Covey's leadership principles and habits as leading is not managing. Leadership builds relationships that recognize the talents and expertise of each individual while fostering a collaborative and cohesive team (there is no 'I' in team) that allows for equal participation. No matter your position, your ideas and needs are crucial. Together, we succeed!

Our history

MRS is a proprietary, resilience- and invention-based project development firm that specializes in holistic, renewable, self-sustaining solutions for a safer, more energy-efficient future.  

Our philosophy is to lead by example using a framework of open-door communication practices at all levels in an atmosphere that upholds integrity, honesty, and ethically-based principles. 

Our vision is to create a legacy that will lead the nation in strategic implementation practices that encourage and promote community resilience.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide revolutionary solutions in any situation through the use of Made in America, patented products, as well as strategies that create more resilient communities across the nation. 

The SafetyFirst SecurityPod System™


As seen in 2017, and already in 2018, the time is now to band together to provide feasible, cost-effective, holistically resilient, hardened solutions to residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental property, not to mention, our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Active shooter scenarios are becoming more prevalent than ever before, and Mother Nature is refusing to give up the fight.