MRS is a Certified WOSB/EDWOSB/DBE, limited liability company located in Central Oklahoma; a proprietary, invention/solution-based organization established to provide emergency/disaster management, homeland security, and cyber security consulting, as well as to produce and maintain exceptional products and services across multiple industry platforms through expert knowledge, superior leadership, unparalleled research and development (R&D), and impeccable branding strategies.  

Witt Global Partners

Witt Global Partners is a comprehensive bipartisan lobbying, strategic business consulting, and disaster advisory services firm with 200 years experience in public service and government relations.

Insulated Concrete Forms and More, LLC


Insulated Concrete Forms and More LLC is committed to building the most economical, energy-efficient, disaster-resistant homes and businesses possible in Oklahoma both on time and on budget. For manufacturer approved projects, The Nationwide Resilience Project™ allows ICF and More to provide a broad platform of services. Replacing the traditional flimsy wood stick framed home or commercial building with Insulated Concrete Forms and reinforced concrete results in buildings that are far stronger, naturally disaster-resistant, as well as safer, quieter, healthier and exceptionally energy efficient - all while enjoying the added benefits of lower monthly operational costs including heating, cooling and insurance. There is indisputable proof that homes built with insulated concrete forms, a superior Green Building material, actually cost less to own than inferior "traditional" construction methods. 

Belinda "Bella" Bentley, Ph.D. Bio


In eight (8) years, Dr. Bentley obtained an AAS in Emergency Management, a BT in Emergency Responder Administration, an MS in Homeland Security, and a Ph.D. in Emergency Management. Dr. Bentley has over 20 years boots-on-the-ground experience on the front lines of disaster events consisting of, acts of terrorism (OKC Bombing-9/11), missing children (Kirsten Renee Hatfield), natural disasters (tornados-floods-hurricanes-etc.), mass casualty events (OKC bombing, 9/11), auto accidents, etc.   Her vision for MRS and The Nationwide Resilience Project™ encompasses a combination of Transformational and Servant Leadership, and she believes in leading by example using a framework of open-door communication practices at all levels in an atmosphere that upholds integrity, honesty, and ethically-based principles. 

Dr. Bentley delivers superior Risk Management Services and is a co-inventor for numerous resilience-based / disaster-resistant products, and her impeccable research proficiency and comprehension allow for extensive design, viability, and applicability across multiple industry platforms. She reviews manuscript submittals for the International Journal of Cyber Criminology, and in previous years, she specialized in public relations and marketing, as well as real estate and property management, which gives her a unique edge in mitigation and prevention strategies across the board.   

Dr. Bentley’s creative drive, intuitive leadership ability, and instinctual outside-the-box thinking allow for dynamic and lucrative research and development projects that focus on community resilience, critical and strategic mitigation practices, and pragmatic solutions to rebuild the nation’s critical infrastructure. Her foresight is to create a legacy that will lead the nation in sound implementation practices that encourage and promote her profound passion; to protect and defend life and property from natural and man-made disasters. 

Dr. Bentley brings a unique, innovative talent to MRS and The Nationwide Resilience Project. Her ability to visualize solutions to challenging problems through the development of carefully engineered products provides substantial opportunity for resilient community redevelopment and significant ROI.  

A. Lewis Howard

CDO | Grant Management Director


Mr. Howard specializes in estimating, FEMA infrastructure grants, sub-contract staffing services to FEMA prime contractors, dispute resolution, federal contract management, policy interpretation, code implementation, and forensic accounting. He has successfully managed numerous contracts for over fifteen (15) years with FEMA as an SAE and Core Employee, Technical Assistance Contractor, and state and local consultant. He is a Project Specialist, Certified CEF, Estimator, PA Mitigation Specialist, Public Assistance Coordinator, State Liaison, TAC Group Lead, and FEMA Deputy Task Force Lead. His relevant FEMA training includes, but is not limited to Cost Estimating Format (CEF) Train the Trainer, NEMIS (Mitigation) Train the Trainer, Data Warehouse Train the Trainer, Managing FEMA Staff in the JFO, Team Building for Supervisors, and Contracting Officers Technical Representative Training. 

Mr. Howard has been on the front lines of over twenty (20) disasters and managed recovery operations in approximately fifteen (15) parishes surrounding Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike. As the FEMA Deputy Task Force Lead for SW Louisiana (SWLA), he managed dozens of FEMA personnel and thousands of recovery project grants for local government entities, which equated to over $1 billion in federal funding. These projects included repairs to, and often replacement of, hospitals, airports, schools, police stations, fire stations, and more.  Currently, he served as a PA Infrastructure Specialist in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. 

Mr. Howard has been a professional estimator for over 25 years, and over the last decade, has prepared more than 700 estimates totaling over $500 million. His extensive career also includes employment in industries such as Architecture, Construction, Engineering, and Fabrication.

Mr. Howard brings proficient, strategic, and technical expertise to MRS and The Nationwide Resilience Project™. His ability to think outside-the-box is unparalleled by any standard, and is a co-inventor for numerous R&D projects.

Daniel E. Keeslar


Proven and Inspirational Manager and Leader
A dynamic professional with a history of maximizing performance, quality, and cost-effectiveness on projects in the residential, commercial, military, and municipal realms.

Skill sets:
· Costs Analysis
· Actual and conceptual Costs Estimating
· Capable of Construction Designs and writing Complex Scopes of Work
· Strategic & Technical Planning
· Multi-Site Project Management
· Budgeting
· Contract Writing & Negotiations
· Subcontractor & Supplier Selection
· Subcontractor and material Buy-Outs
· Tracking & Monitoring of Complex Construction Procedures
· Capable of Public Speaking
· Team Building & Motivating
· Relationship Building
· Has Completed OSHA 10 training, Red Cross CPR and First Aid training


AIR VENTING SOLUTIONS, LLC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner and General Manager – July 2017 - Current
Implemented the development of a .com business which sells air exhaust equipment used in energy-efficient, High-Performance Homes and Businesses. 

Owner and General Manager - June 2014 – Present
The primary goal is to educate customers on procedures and practices in designing and building of safe energy-efficient homes, businesses, and safe rooms through the use of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) materials. Current responsibilities include - develop and implement business procedures and policies, review and monitor stock levels of inventory in our 8,000 SF warehouse, schedule incoming and outgoing deliveries, monitor sales, expenditures and oversee warehouse personnel. Achievements: Currently, Insulated Concrete Forms & More, LLC. ranks among the top ten (10) Quad-Lock ICF Vendors in North America for the year 2017. The goal is to continue educating the public until ICF construction becomes mainstream. 

Owner and General Manager – May 2012 - Present
Strategize and run all aspects of daily business operations for a small construction company. Responsibilities include - Design and construction of ICF homes, Public Use, and Commercial buildings, designing and maintaining construction schedules, negotiating and writing Owner Contracts, Subcontract and Material Agreements, develop working relationships with clients and keep both written and oral communications, write and track Change Orders, build conceptual and actual estimated costs of construction, coordinate project activities, verify that all applicable Building Codes are being met, manage construction budgets and expenditures, develop and implement business procedures and policies for a young and growing company. Achievements: CSA has outperformed 2016 national Home Energy Rating System (HERS) average ratings of 62 and Changes per Hour (CPH) air infiltration rating of 4.0 by achieving a rating of HERS 37 and CPH of just 1.2